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Basecodes: Mothersound
Design: Backseatnoise
Credits:link link link link
Sunday, November 23, 2008

Looking for: Pinnochio


Selling Post


Available designs: A and B
Quantity: A-2 , B-1

Price: $2.50 each

Disney umbrella mascots

Design available: Winnie
Quantity: 1

Price: $3.30

Disney rattles - Fruits version

Designs available: Mickey, Minnie, Pooh, Stitch
Quantity: 1 each

Price: $1.50/ get
all 3 at $4

Disney rattles

Designs available: Set of 5/ Minnie

Price: $1.50 for minnie

Disney handbag emblem

Design available: Marie
Quantity: 1

Price: $2.50

Disney desserts mascot

Design available: Marie
Quantity: 1

Price: $2.50

Disney cookie mascots

Designs available: Cheshire cat and Stitch
Quantity: 1 each

Price: Stitch-$3 / Cheshire-$2.00/ Both- $4.50

All items are brand new in original packaging.
Normal postage: $0.70
Registered postage: Additional $2.30

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